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"Heartbreak Kid" Shawn Michaels

Real NameMichael Hickenbottom
FromSan Antonio, Texas
BirthdateJuly 22, 1965
Titles HeldWWF Heavyweight Champion (3 times), WWF Intercontinental Champion (3 times), WWF Tag Team Champion (2 times), WWF European Champion
Finishing MoveSweet Chin Music
Previous IdentitiesThe Rockers (with Marty Janetty in WWF), Shawn Micheals (AWA)
Famous Quotes"Suck it!"
-Michaels is the Commishoner of the WWF
-HBK was trained by Jose Lethario.
-He is a former member of DeGeneration X.
-Was part of the Klique with HHH , Kevin Nash (Deisel), Scott Hall (Razor Ramon), Sean Waltman (123 Kid)
-He has appeared on the television show "Baywatch"
-He is the only man to win every title in the WWF (aka "Grand Slam)