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Download for your listening pleasure... As they have been compressed (And sound better I might add) Into Mp3 format, and if you need a player for Mp3's, well, The Icon will not let you down,as he has  Winamp Right here for you! :)

The Nation (1:08) Steve Blackman(1:10)
Stone Cold(1:57) Shawn Michaels(2:13)
The Rock (:45) Kane(1:37)
TAFKA Goldust(1:22) DX-No Words(1:17)
Val Venis (1:10) Dan Severn(:40) 
UT's NEW Theme(:36) Marc Mero(1:41)
Bradshaw(2:44) Goldust(2:21) 
UT's New theme(1:25)!!!!  The Edge(:28) 
                        Here are all the .wavs for the WWF that I have on my computer, plus I will NOW be uploading new themes in both Mp3 AND Wav format! :) Enjoy!
            Allied Powers-715k             The Nation-3.02mb
              Bradshaw-920k         New Age Outlaws-492k
             Bret Hart-1.07mb  ''The Blackheart'' Owen Hart-572k
          Steve Blackman-388k     Owen Hart (The Nation)-679k
              Diesel-1.07mb            Owen Hart-1.46mb
           Dude Love-1.04mb  The Honky Tonk Man(Not Hunka) 
            Demolition-418k        Ricky Steamboat-1.85mb
         DeGeneration X-997k    ''Ravishing'' Rick Rude-1.98mb
         DX (No Words)-854k     Dan ''The Beast'' Severn-442k
         Honky Tonk Man-429k          ''Sycho'' Sid-1.09mb
          Shawn Michaels-749k        TAFKA Goldust-3.65mb
           Hulk Hogan-1.09mb   ''The Rock'' Rocky Maivia-2.15mb
  Double J/Sawyer Brown-2.09mb         The Quebecers-1.52mb
               Kane-4.29mb            Val Venis-1.54mb
           El Matador-1.62mb        Ultimate Warrior-1.75mb
Wavs I missed, or I have just uploaded
 The Patriot-497k
  The Parade of Human Oddities!!-899k
Terry Funk/Cactus Jack(Better)-990k
Sid Justice-2.90mb
Parade of Human Oddities(Longer)2.23mb
Owen Hart (Nation) w/all quotes-1.13mb
The Rock (ALL Quotes)-1.52mb